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Blog 16 - Hi Arlene here...

I can only write about one thing this week and it is the very sad news that our much loved Phil and Sheila Scott have both resigned from our church as President and Secretary.

Phil and Sheila were sent to our church 16 years ago, by the SNU, to try and save our once failing church from closure. Since then they have devoted their lives to this cause and their achievements have been truly amazing. They worked tirelessly to build up the congregation and maintain and improve the appearance of the building.

I was treasurer for about 8 years, until 18 months ago, and i remember how hard it was to build up our funds. With their vast experience and leadership we managed to build a £30,000 healing room above the kitchen with money that was initially lent to the church by them and Micheal. We managed to repay them within 3 years and while we were doing this we were also raising thousands of pounds for the various charities which were so dear to their hearts. From all the children of the 'Smile Train' who can now smile to all the people from 'Sightsavers' who can now see. Also other charities, too numerous to mention, who all benefited because of Phil and Sheila's dedication to helping others.

Everyone who comes into our beautiful church remarks on the wonderful energy and love that oozes out from this old building. I remember the first time my sister Rose and I came to the church 13 years ago, following the death of Rose's son, like a lot of people who initially come to the church following a bereavement, and we did not know what to expect. As soon as we walked in the door ,we were both greeted with a bear hug from Phil. We were so taken aback because our family didn't do hugs! We came back week after week and, within a couple of years, we were both elected on to the committee.

Inspired by these two lovely people, we grew to love the church so much. We later became healers and feel we have achieved a lot, due to them. For their sake now, we must move forward and ensure that all their dedication is not in vain. Our little church will continue to move forward and help all the the souls who come through our doors for healing, messages or just a friendly face. We must not, and will not, as a committee, let the church or Phil and Sheila down. None of us can replace them but we will do our best to make them proud of what we can do in the future.

Enjoy your rest Phil and Sheila you have well and truly earned it. Love and blessings Arlene Rowe

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