Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Hi everyone, Arlene here, with blog 15...

Well, I think the subject this week has to be the very tragic deaths of two young people on the threshold of life. Both lived locally, so it brings it home to us even more. Someone reading this blog will have known one or both of them. Words cannot possible convey the raw pain and sadness felt by both families. If anything, I think that losing a close family member or friend from such a desperate act is even worse than losing someone from an accident or illness, in that they didn't choose to go. So although the pain is the same; the feelings brought on by a suicide must be unimaginable.

I suppose you might blame yourself for not seeing any signs, or that your loved one could not tell you how bad they felt. Even if you did see the signs, and you contacted the NHS with concerns, there is little or even no support in place for immediate help.

Our wonderful NHS is in meltdown so, someone that is 'just' depressed, (and I don't say that lightly) will go to the bottom of a very large waiting list. If your illness is not visible it can go undetected or untreated, in a very large number of cases. I urge and plead for everyone to look out for these signs: Does the person spend all their time in their room alone? Are they quiet and withdrawn and avoid engaging in any conversations? Are they self-harming? Are they neglecting themselves? If you know a youngster (or anyone for that matter) with any of the above, PLEASE talk to them. Don't just think, "Well, it's their age, they will grow out of it." Do something to help avoid any more loss of precious young lives. And if you feel you can relate to any of the above, PLEASE talk to a member of your family or a friend or ring Samaritans.

Nothing is that bad that means this world would be better without you. This world, your family and your friends, will never recover from the loss. You are, of course, very welcome to come and talk to me, or any member of the healing team, You can tell us privately, whatever you want to. Everything here is confidential.

Healing is at Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church, East Street, Newton Abbot every Tuesday 12-2pm Sundays after the service at 7.45pm or Wednesday after Clairvoyance at 8.45 pm

Love and blessings Arlene Rowe

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