Spiritual Healing

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Hi - this is Arlene Rowe - with week 2 of my blog for the Church. I mentioned last week that I would write more about Spiritual healing , so here goes.

For anyone who has never been in a Spiritualist church or never had Spiritual Healing it would seem presumptuous for a healer to assume they can heal anyone. This is true; no Healer heals anyone, they ask the Spirit world and their Guides and Helpers to give healing through their hands.

Sometimes those receiving healing can feel heat and often state that they can still feel hands on them after healing has finished.

SNU Spiritual Healers have been renamed Healing Mediums; new name- same service. The Healing Service takes place in our lovely Healing room overlooking the rear garden. Healing takes about 15 mins. Healers place their hands on shoulders, head and arms while the 'patient' relaxes with eyes closed. It is okay to ask for healing hands to be placed on a sore leg or back.

Afterwards we make a nice cup of tea to assist grounding as some people feel relaxed but a bit 'floaty' from the healing. Hands on healing is not always necessary as we also send distant healing to those who request it through our healing book and Facebook requests. I will tell you more about this in another blog.

I hope this has given you some 'food for thought' and you will come along to see for yourself on a Tuesday 12 to 2pm or after Sunday or Wednesday Services. You will be very welcome.

Love and blessings from Arlene - Healing Leader

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