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Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Hi Arlene here.

Happy New Year to you all. Well 2018 went out like a damp squid, but I welcomed in the New Year with hope and expectations. We had the final results of Alan's many tests last Thursday and it was not what we hoped and prayed for. Alan has advanced prostrate cancer because the cancer has already spread from the prostrate into his lymph gland and pelvic bone. The good news is that the hormone treatment has done it's job and has drastically reduced his PSA levels. I then asked the question "How long does this treatment work on average" the answer was 18 months. Alan cannot have radiotherapy because of his metal hips and cannot have chemotherapy because of his heart. So when this hormone stops working they will have to find another one that does. We have been together 60 years since I was 16 and married 56 years in March, so we have decided to make the most of the time we both have left and embrace life as never before.

First thing we are doing is to get a rescue dog to make sure we make the most of our beautiful surroundings. We live in a valley surrounded by trees with a river running to the side on the edge of Dartmoor. Perfect for dog walking. I give Alan healing every night and he also has healing from our team of lovely healers at the Church. He has also had healing from Phil and on the 19th I have signed up for a healing circle in Exeter headed by Mathew Manning, a very well known healer who has written lots of books on healing.

The church healing team look forward to 2019 with the hope that patients will now take advantage of our new times and dates. Reminders that healing is now 5pm - 6pm on Sundays and 6pm - 7pm on Wednesdays. The benefit from these changes is now you can stay and enjoy our service afterwards on Sundays and our demonstration on Wednesdays.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey concerning Alan's cancer and I won't be mentioning it again unless there are changes, but the only reason I made this public is I want you to get your father, partner, son or brother CHECKED OUT. It's only a blood test and remember it is a silent killer and 1 in every 8 men will get it.

Love and blessings Arlene.

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