Lucky 13...

Hi, Arlene here, with blog number 13.

Well this week turned out pretty lucky for me. Last Monday, Alan, my husband of 55 years, was tucking into a sweet and sour chicken meal which I had made. Suddenly, he started to choke and rushed to the door making awful noises. I followed him and without even thinking about it I whacked him in the middle of his back. A jagged bit of chicken bone shot out of his mouth. I was more surprised that it worked. I know I prepared the meal so it was my fault but either of us could have had that mouthful and I wondered afterwards if Alan would have known what to do if it had been me choking.

This made me think. Your life can end in a second and the lives of your family would change forever. I used to work at Homemaker as a cook and was the First Aider for the store. Over time, I had helped many people with strokes and, heart attacks etc. One day a young woman was sitting in the restaurant, in one of those stupid, 'welded chairs to table combo', when she started having an epileptic fit, and as she was eating at the time, she was also choking. She was wedged in on the inside seat, so couldn't get her out. I swept aside her meal and sat on the table directly in front of her. I held her head with my left hand and forced my index right finger into her mouth. By this time she was blue and starting to go limp, I managed to sweep the food out of her mouth before she clamped her teeth down on my finger.

When the ambulance came, a few minutes later, they said I had done the wrong thing but had got the right result. They said I had saved her life. She came into the restaurant a few days later with a massive bunch of flowers for me. It was her first fit so it was a complete shock to her and her family. Again,

a life can change on a sixpence.

It also made me think of all the patients who have come through the doors of our lovely church over the years. We will never know how many were saved from life threatening illnesses or how many had changed their minds about suicide after coming into our very special church. We will never know and we don't need to know. It's enough that the lovely healers in our church do what they can and pray it makes a difference.

So please come along, have some healing, a friendly chat or just a cup of tea. You will be very welcome, always Love and blessings Arlene Rowe

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