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Love, light and hope....

Hi Arlene here with Blog 22.....

Following my blog of last week, when I talked about the sad passing of Pam's husband Jim, and how we must enjoy every day and treasure all the time we have with our family. Well, last Tuesday surely tested me. Some of you will know that Alan had a prostrate operation a few weeks ago, so it was no surprise to have an appointment through to see the specialist last Tuesday. We were told that following the operation a biopsy was taken and the results showed Alan has prostrate cancer.

I burst into tears and Alan calmly asked how long he had. There is no answer to that until all the tests are completed. Well, hormone treatment started that same day. This he takes for 2 weeks followed by chemo injections then another 2 weeks of hormone treatment and another injection on 6th November. In addition to this, just 2 weeks from being told, he now has 4 appointments in one day; the first to see the cancer nurse then an injection needed for his bone scan, then three hours later, a full body bone scan and five hours later a CT scan. So within 2 weeks of being told they will know if it has spread.

In the meantime the hormone treatment starves the testosterone, which feeds the cancer. He had all his bloods done last Tuesday, so within 2 weeks we will know what we are dealing with. I have always admired and treasured the health service but my God, when you need it, they are there. I am still numb and not sure how to deal with this because the specialist was optimistic that it wasn't a death sentence and I have to be optimistic for Alan, but inside my head I am screaming.

I am giving Alan healing every night and will continue to do so and, by a strange quirk of fate, my neighbour was told he also has cancer last Tuesday. A different cancer but when I asked him if he wanted me to give him healing he said Yes. Afterwards he said he could still feel my hands on him about five mins after I'd finished and he has asked me to give him healing before he has his operation next week.

I pray to the healing angels every night to give Alan healing and I know now first hand how life can change on the turn of a sixpence, life will never be the same again. Please pray for Alan and my neighbour during their battle of the big C and pray for all people who are suffering. Love and blessings Arlene Rowe

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