Little miracles...

Hi Arlene here with Blog 17

Well, friends, I must write this week about our 'Just for You' healing day which took place last Saturday 25th August. It seems to have taken off and this was only the second one. They will be held every 4 weeks, so the next one is Saturday 22nd September at 11am-3pm.

Last Saturday was really lovely to see so many people taking advantage of Spiritual Healing, Reiki and mini readings. All of the healers and mediums that were there went home feeling uplifted and rewarded. The money raised will help us to keep this wonderful little Church open. Throughout my blogs, I have been trying to promote the healing available and it seems my prayers are being answered.

I'm sure a lot of you must have seen the piece last Tuesday on the National news about a little baby boy who was born profoundly deaf. He had been given a cochlear implant and they filmed the moment he heard his first ever sound. The look of amazement on his little face was really heart warming. Miracles do happen and it made me cry because 14 years ago my husband woke up in the middle of the night to utter silence. He screamed and couldn't hear anything. Although he had always had trouble with his ears, to go profoundly deaf overnight was terrifying for him and myself and our family. He was lucky enough to also have a cochlear implant a year later and his hearing was restored. Not the same as before but well enough to live an almost normal life. The main thing he struggles with is music. He says it sounds like it's coming from a tin can and if anyone sits near him in Church on a Sunday they will notice he is off key!! Anyway miracles do happen every day and with thanks to God giving our doctors and researchers the brains and imagination to cure all sorts of ailments. May they continue to make miracles happen.

Love and blessings Arlene Rowe

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