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Thank you !

Hi Everyone Arlene here with Blog number 12

Not sure what to say this week but I will start with a very big thank you to all those lovely people who sent me healing. For those who don't know; my right leg could easily have been mistaken for an elephant's. No ankle whatsoever and swollen straight up to my knee on both sides; being bright red in colour. It was very painful and, at one time, I thought it might split open. It was also very itchy and I defy anyone not to scratch when this happens.

Anyway I spent all of Thursday with my leg up, covered with steroid cream and ice-cold flannels. Not a pleasant scenario but it has definitely helped because on Friday morning, my leg was not hot (frost bite instead) and not so painful. However, I wish someone would tell my husband that slapping ice cold flannels on your leg at 5am, when you are fast asleep, is not a good idea. I was already lying in a cold wet bed (thanks to 'un-wrung-out' flannels) and this was the last straw.

I got up, got dressed to warm up and started my housework, I made some buns, muttering to myself how stupid men were, and everything was done by 8am! I thought I would lie down for 10 minutes and fell into a deep sleep, I woke at 10.30 with the phone ringing. I thanked my friend very much for ringing me to ask about my leg. My grand-daughter Ruby also drew a lovely red mark around the redness and I am sure now that I will be buried with this permanent reminder! One thing is certain, all the healing sent to me WORKED!!! As I knew it would.

Many thanks to you all, love and blessings Arlene

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