Hands on !

Hi Arlene here - well, double figures already! Blog 10...

It was really satisfying to have more reaction to last weeks blog. Once again the

comparison between Spiritual healing and Reiki was brought up. Instead of showing the difference between the two, I think it should be the similarity instead. I know both need dedication and commitment to help others and both tune into a Creator/Great Spirit/Universal energy. They are different names for the same thing for the healer. Going back to my meeting at Exeter Church, it was disclosed to all of us that we must not write 'healing given' to wherever you touch. We have to write 'hands placed on', wherever that was, and to be perfectly honest that is correct. How can we possibly know if healing was given. A very hard thing to prove. We may have a good feedback from the patient but we cannot know if healing took place.

It goes to show that all these years we have written "healing given" without questioning the wording. Very interesting and for those who do not know, we have to keep record cards of each patient by law and only the healer and patient can look at it. Unless of course, God forbid it was needed in a court of law. This record card has to be locked away in a suitable container. Just goes to show we are never too old to learn new things. Love and blessings Arlene

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