Distance Healing

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Hi everyone, Arlene here with my Healing blog - week 3. Well, last week I said I would elaborate more on distance healing. This is quite difficult to describe but I will give it a go.

Some people are not comfortable having hands on healing but they can still receive healing form the healing medium by just sitting quietly and allowing the healing to be directed to them from the healing medium. who will open their palms towards them, connecting to their guides and helpers, and asking for healing. This is the most simplest form of distance healing.

We always ask in our closing prayers at the healing sessions for healing to be sent to everyone in our healing book. This is also distance healing. I cant explain how this works but with trust in the spirit guides I know it does and that's the main thing.

Another form of distance healing is on a much broader scale. The chairperson at our services on Sundays and Wednesdays always reads the Healing Prayer where we ask for our healing and love to be sent to neighbours, strangers, homeless, abused and all those people in the world less fortunate than ourselves. This is a small part of the prayer but gives you an example of how far distance healing can be sent.

I can only express my personal view on this but in my experience it works and I wish that more people would try it. Pleae come along to one of our sessions and see for your self.

Love and blessings form Arlene - Healing Medium Leader

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