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Blog 24 - Hi, Arlene here.

Last Saturday's 'Just 4 You' was very busy and it was lovely to see so many people having readings from Debbie and Kevin. There was not many for healing but those who came really appreciated it.

Update on Alan is not so good. We were told last Monday that the cancer was very aggressive and scored nine out of ten. When they have the results from the additional MRI and PET scan at Derriford, they will have a clearer picture to see if the cancer has spread. The trouble is, with all the metal in both his hips, they cant see the prostate properly. If it has not spread, the hormone will stop it growing. In February they are considering adding radiotherapy but cannot do this until he has had three months hormone treatment. It is all very worrying but it is what it is and we have to deal with it.

On a lighter note, the dream catchers I am making for prostate cancer research are flying out the door. I have done a bit of research into the origins of dream catchers and found they were made by Native North American Indians to protect their children from evil spirits. Some say that they originated from the Dakota Indians. They should be hung over the bed and are made using a round hoop which is woven and decorated with beads and feathers. The dream catchers allow good dreams to pass through the webbing and float down the hanging beads and feathers to the sleeping children. Bad dreams, however, are caught in the web and, as the first rays of sunlight hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams disappear thus protecting the children from nightmares. Another school of thought suggests that the bad dreams pass through the web and exit out of the nearest window. The good dreams are caught in the web and slide down the beads and feathers to the sleeping child. Whichever you believe is fine. You pay your money and make your choice !

Love and blessings - Arlene Rowe

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