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Hi Arlene here, with my blog, number 11.

I had a few days away to attend a friends surprise party at Wrabness, near Manningtree in Essex. It was very nice to catch up but it's amazing how healing seems to crop up where ever you go. At my friends party there was a lovely lady who was clearly very ill. My friend explained that this lady had been battling cancer for 8 years, but seemed to be losing the battle. After spending some time talking and listening to this brave lady she told me that her oncologist had forbidden her to have any alternative treatments such as Spiritual healing, Reiki or Reflexology. It made me think what on earth the doctors are afraid of. He told her that any of these treatments could cause the cancer to spread or move.

Now, in a small way, I can understand that in relation to reflexology, as we all know, that every organ or part of your body is reflected in your feet. However, I can't understand the same regarding healing either Spiritual or Reiki.

She is a lovely brave lady and I hope and pray that she beats this dreadful disease. I have sent her healing thoughts every night since. Apologies to anyone who thought that healing was cancelled last Tuesday (17th July) or that healing was starting at 2pm. Our sessions are always 12-2pm every Tuesday and we might be introducing an evening session soon.

A blip in the system (blame the computer). Love and blessings Arlene Rowe

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