Anyone can do this !

For my blog No 7 I thought I had better get back to the subject of 'Healing'. After all, this bogging started so as to explain and , perhaps, entice people to come along to our healing days on Tuesdays between 12 noon and 2pm.

I don't think many people realise the work involved in the training that is necessary to become a qualified healing medium. It can take between 2 to 3 years to complete the H1 certification through the .course and the several training days in theory and practical experience.

I personally think that if you have a love of spirit and humanity anyone can do this. However, we live in a world where everything has to be documented and under scrutiny of health and safety regulations. Although I suppose this is necessary it is easy to lose sight of the purpose.

We have a new trainee who has started his training course and will be attending the Exeter Spiritualist Church for his first reviews. I am sure he will do well as he is keen and, like the rest of the healing team, just wants to make a difference.

As I wrote in my blog in week 5 , we are all put on this earth for a reason and we just have to discover what that is. I love being a healer and wish more people would come along to discover healing for themselves. Love and Blessings from Arlene

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