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Hi, Arlene here with Blog 20....

Well, I had my week in Benalmadena, Spain which certainly recharged my batteries. It was lovely to go away with four generations of my family; my daughter and her husband, my grand-daughter and her husband and their two beautiful children. Our ages ranged from 2 to 76 years.

Anyway, we had a lovely time and one of the highlights was a trip out to sea in search of dolphins. I have always loved these beautiful mysterious creatures but have never seen them in the wild. Well, we had been out for a while when my husband was asked to take the helm of this lovely yacht whilst the captain scanned the horizon with his binoculars for dolphins. I felt totally at peace and content. I am sure I was aware of the energy and magic from these elusive creatures, although we didn't see them it didn't matter. Just knowing they were there, somewhere, just out of sight, skipping over the waves, it was enough for me.

When we got back to port I was strangely elated and not a bit disappointed. I knew they were there, even if I didn't see them. A bit like the spirit world, I don't see spirit but I know they are there. I don't need proof so I haven't been given any. My husband was very sceptical when I first went to the Spiritualist Church. For years I struggled to justify all the time I was spending there. At one point, he asked me to choose between him and the church. It was then that the spirit world showed him his proof. He used to see a Victorian Lady dressed in black and she appeared at all times of the day and in different rooms, in our old house. At first he was scared but after a few years he accepted her presence. He know goes to the church with me about 3 times a week and, three years ago, when we moved to Dartmoor, she came too.

My brother died last year of dementia and Alan has seen him on several occasions although he does not show himself to me because he doesn't have too. I believe 100% that when I am healing, my guides and healing angels are with me. Out of sight, just like the dolphins but they are there, I can feel their energy and love.

Now to get back to healing; our Tuesday healing sessions are now 12-3pm so please come along and, if you can't make it then

, come along to our healing day on Sat 20th Oct, where you can have Spiritual healing, Reiki and 1:1 30 min readings or just a cup of tea. You will be very welcome. Love and blessings Arlene Rowe

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